Carry your message!

Paper clips are the smallest advertasing form there is. Promotional paperclip carries your message on a stylish piece of steel throughout your customers. It stays on their desks, keeps being used – thanks to this your customer constantly sees your identification around. We invented promotional paperclips. In over 30 years we’ve perfected our products – over 85.000 projects and huge network of distributors show that little things mean a lot!

This makes us the most experienced promotional clip manufacturer there is. In the past 30 years we have developed and perfected four lines of promotional paperclips – Markclip, aXionclip and Wingclip. We always aim for the highest quality, outstanding customer care and satisfaction of everyone who uses clips.

We’ve helped countless number of companies increase their brand recognition. From small, family-operated companies to multinational corporations that employ hundreds of thousands people – we deliver a small, timeless piece of branding that attached to daily correspondence gives it a nice, finishing touch – because little things mean a lot!

Markclip products are sold through specialized promotional products distributors around the  world. Markclip does not sell to end-users. Please contact us for a distributor in your area.

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