In business it is important to make a striking impression. From experience and research, we know that the receiver of an advertising message decides in several crucial seconds whether to read it or throw it away. This is why Markclip invented the concept of the promotional printed paperclip.

Markclip’s communication media subtly promote attention for your mailing, product introduction, corporate identity or total advertising campaign. For a minimum investment per receiver, you create that extra attention value for a successful campaign.

Daily use of Markclips, Wingclips and aXionclips raises the quality image of your business.


Your aXions say more
than words!


This light communication tool is available in 11 shapes – and any shape is available on demand. This perfect clip draws attention and works to your favour as part of your corporate image. It brings the product, service or just your logo to your customers’ eyes – no need to mention, that it’s a perfect addition to your everyday correspondence.

  • Large printing surface  
  • Striking design  
  • Versatile



Spread your Wings!


Wingclip is a perfect clip to support your message even better. Attached to correspondence brings attention and adds a nice, finishing touch to your documents. It is available in 5 different shapes. Printing the Wingclip on both sides adds even more to your message, while remaining professional look.

  • Double sided imprint
  • Binds up to 18 pages
  • Easy in use

Wingclip XL


Make it big!


The Wingclip XL holds up to 30 pages at once, allowing you to brand even larger documents. Available in one, classic shape adds great value to your correspondence. With the printing are you’ve got now you can provide more informations.

  • Minimum order 500 pieces!
  • Large print surface
  • Flexible

Little things mean a lot!


Markclips can be printed with any design of your choice, displaying your logo and effectively enhance your corporate identity. Complex, multi-coloured motives could be produced using our special printing technique that ensures the best possible print quality.
As first ever model produced by our company, Markclip is still one of the most popular promotional paperclips in the World. Given the fact that it was a flagship for over 30 years, it is safe to say that this design is timeless and it’s elegance revered by many.

  • Subtle
  • Timeless design
  • Low cost, high impact