Markclip | Little things mean a lot…

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aXionclip your actions say more than words…

This light communication tool is available in 11 shapes – and any shape is available on demand. This perfect clip draws attention and works to your favour as part of your corporate image. It brings the product, service or just your logo to your customers’ eyes – no need to mention, that it’s a perfect addition to your everyday correspondence.

  • From 500 pieces digitally printed.
    Use it to build corporate identity in your small company!

  • 11 different shapes to chose from.
    It’s easy to match the shape to your logo/product.

  • One more box to fit nicely.

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Wingclip spread your wings…

Take your everyday correspondence to a higher level – add a professional, classy touch to everything you send.

  • From 500 pieces digitally printed.
    Use it to build corporate identity in your small company!
  • Double sided.
    Double sided imprint gives you more space to use!
  • Easy to use.
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main_imgs_07_a mark your presence…

We often say that little things mean alot. And we stand behind this sentence. Even though Markclip is our smallest clip we cherish it – because it’s irreplacable in many situations.

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  • From 1000 pieces, laser engraved.
  • Small and subtle.
  • Timeless design.

Cornerclip change is behind the corner…

A sophisticated way to put your logo on documents, notarial deeds or contracts. This classy, alumium clip binds together paper in a way it will always draw attention. Have your logo, name or slogan embossed and attached to your documents forever.

  • Permanent binding
  • Classic design.
  • Light weight Aluminum.
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